This presentation describes the process of selecting the proper color scheme for the heavy industry factory. The color of heavy machinery factory is the good element for improving the working environment and decreasing the industrial accidents. The color scheme is used inside and supergraphic is used outside. The theme of outside supergraphic is the traditional dance at full moon. The meaning of the dance is harmonization, union, and elegance. The factory represents not for the machine shop, but for the working environment. The shape of the pattern and the usage of three primary colors look like Korean traditional costume. Also, the shape is from the moon and the mountain in Korea. The rhythm of the pattern is also that of dance. The important points of interior color schemes are differenciation, efficiency, and psychological color effects. The color of safety zone is differed from that of machine shop. The vivid colors are used for easy identification. The soft colors are used at the background for the atmosphere and mood of the workers.