This paper will discuss different people's exploratory behaviour in an urban environment. It is proposed that curiosity and competence are factors which can motivate people's exploratory behaviour. Groups of design professionals and non professionals individually explored Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, an inner city suburb. The intent was to investigate the influence of their professional and personal experience on their exploratory behaviour. The subjects' exploratory route was recorded on a prepared map of Fortitude Valley. Immediately after the walking tour, the subjects were given an instruction sheet which requested them to draw the route of their walking tour on the map of Fortitude Valley which had been provided. Furthermore, they were asked to number the places they visited in sequence and to list them on the side of the map. The extent of the subjects' exploratory behaviour indicated the area which they perceived to be Fortitude Valley. The exploratory route of each subject group was expected to be different. This difference was based on their knowledge structure as design professionals or non professionals, with or without local knowledge of Fortitude Valley. The results showed that there was a significant difference between some of the groups.