"This interdisciplinary symposium brings together technical specialists, design and simulation experts and social scientists. It will concentrate on the complex field of formal (construction, planning) aestethics versus social use and subjective aestethics of the final user. Planning processes of the built environment as well as of "natural" environments use formal principles well-known to the university-socialized design specialist. It remains unclear whether these formal principles interact smoothly with social use patterns and wishes of laypeople. The issue of human-environment-interaction seen from an expert and user perspective is crucial for the legibility and user friendliness of built objects. ie. the well-being of future users. Environmental psychologists join the discussion process answering questions about the predtctability of conflicts and about mediation processes resulting in "social design", i.e. a self-explanatory, user-friendly, easy-access design prototype for different projects (landscape, bridges, university lecture halls, housing)."