The general idea of townscape is very complicated. What type of physical element should he focused as the target of evaluation? From what angle should we evaluate those physical elements? In order to study the pleasantness of townscape in the case of designing or improving a street, it is needed to understand these two issue in the view of the inhabitants. In this paper, we introduce a method which can grasp these issue by observer's photo taking and their description of the content of these photos. This method consists of two main phases. At first, observers are instructed to walk the street and take photographs under a simple theme (e.g. townscape you like or dislike). Observers are also asked to write down by their own words what element they noticed and why they like or dislike that element. In next phase, these observer's comments are collected, classified and linked. These classified words compose the evaluation data of the street. After these phases, the data can be used for farther analysis, comparison and to get a set of standard rating scales and objects to be considered for designing. A enhlightment effect can be also expected in this method by adding feed-back process or using this method in a workshop. Observers can realize the value of their town, recognize own view and understand other people's ones.