How to evaluate the actual situation or intended design of landscape is one of the most important processes in designing landscape or cultivating a town. We focused on the reappearance of space by photographs for visual environment evaluation. This paper discusses about the technique of photographing and presentation for evaluation of landscape in the city street. As transparencies and projectors are usually used for subjective experiments, 35mm color reversal films were used in this study. Also wide angle lenses are usually used to take photographs for evaluation of landscape. We chose the lens which has 15mm focal length (horizontal angle of view : lOOdeg. vertical angle of view : 77deg.) and 28mm focal length (horizontal angle of view : 65deg. vertical angle of view : 46deg.). Presentation sizes are 45 inch, 74 inch, and 120 inch (in diagonal) slide projection using a rear screen, and 186 x 126111m color print. For the geometrically accurate reappearance, observation distance should be arranged that the photographing angle of view is equal to the observation angle of view. We arranged two distances, one is the geometrically accurate distance, and the other is three times as long as that. SD method was used for the subjective evaluation. Is the subjective evaluation influenced by the way of presentation? From the result, we can understand the difference of evaluation related to the way of presentation. Generally, when the presentation size become larger, variance between the subjects become smaller. Influences of observation distances are different between variables. We found that the geometrically accurate reappearance is important for the evaluation of Spaciousness.