The user requirements and wishes are the two terms that are always used ill the same meaning. In fact the meaning of two terms are so different. Requirements define the standard comfort for users, the wishes define the preferences of users. These terms are all related with environmental factors. Some searchers have studied over them and classified the factors. As a result they mentioned that these factors must be the source of planning because they effect the performances of buildings. The P.T.R. departments are the buildings which have different kind of users. So the requirements are also different because it has five types of users: nurses, doctors, physical therapists, hospital attends and patients. The patient of P.T.R. departments are unable to do some of their functional activities. So the wheelchairs are used in the department frequency. However, these departments should be expanded and. renewed for new requirements. These requirements change with new health facilities, laboratory employment and inventions. In this department the wheelchairs are used frequently, the dimensions of wheelchair must be attended during the planning stage. In this paper, it is mentioned that the user requirements affect the planning of P.T.R. departments. The requirements that are examined in P.T.R. departments belong to environmental factors are classified. A model of planning stage in P.T.R. departments is found by the help of these classifications.