Spargelacker is a social housing complex, in a suburban area of Hannover, Germany. About 60% of the residents are native German citizens, 30% are Aussiedler (ethnic Germans from Russia), and the remaining 10% are others of foreign origin. The goals of this exploratory study were broad. focusing on three main areas. The first was to see if there was an objective difference between the demographic characteristics of the Aussiedler and the native German group. The second objective was to see if there was a subjective difference in the perceptions of the physical and social environment between native German residents and Aussiedler. The final goal was then to define which variables were most helpful in predicting the residential satisfaction of each group. Interviews were held by students from the University of Hannover who were native speakers of German. The total number of residents interviewed was 61. The questionnaire consisted of both objective questions and evaluative questions about the physical and social environment of the residents. First, frequency analyses of the five Resident Satisfaction questions were run to. compare responses based on origin. Additional frequency analyses compared the objective housing conditions of the Aussiedler and the Hannoverans. Next, each of the original variables was run through tests. This analysis compared the Aussiedler and the Hannoverans, revealing seven variables that were significant. The seven variables were then analyzed by multiple regression. From the results, it appears that practically speaking all seven variables that assist in discriminating between Aussiedler and Hannoverans embody a social component. However, the variables that help to predict resident satisfaction for Aussiedler and Hannoverans do not overlap often between the groups. In conclusion, it is clear that residential satisfaction is related to social factors. Further, it appears that fulfilling residential satisfaction will be a difficult task when trying to accommodate both Aussiedler and Hannoverans.