"The purpose of this symposium is to report on work in progress on a global network of building performance evaluation researchers. The intent is to standardize evaluation methodology and instruments, and further, to faciltate comparative, cross_cultural analysis of evaluation data on identical building types. The first phase of this project includes representatives from the countries of Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and the United States. A three_phase approach is envisaged for the project: (1) The first, conceptual phase of the project, will be designed to develop standard data collection instruments for the seven countries involved in the project, whereby culture_specific evaluation modules would be developed and added for each participating country and language area. (2) The second phase of the project will involve application and pilot testing evaluation instruments in field studies and identical building types such as intelligent office buildings or healthcare facilities. (3) The third phase of the project will aim at comparative analysis of data collected in the seven participating countries, as well as the development of recommendations and guidelines for the utilization of the data gathering instruments at a global level. It is expected that the outcomes of this project will be a "kit of tools" for building performance evaluation at a global level, involving at least the seven language areas which are represented by the participants in the proposed project. The value of this effort lies in applications of the methodology by multi-national organizations to the assessment and feedback of the performance of the facilities they own or operate worldwide, and, the implied improvement in the quality and performance that can be realized."