In Switzerland nature and landscape conservation issues have a high priority since an intact visual and physical landscape is considered as an important ressource for tourism but also for the well_being of the population. Legislation about nature and landscape protection is fairly advanced. In the last years however it appeared that these goals couldn't be reached. It turned out that just to have laws is not enough, that other factors are essential as well. One of these factors seems to be the public acceptance of nature conservation measures. This project takes up this point. It is hypothesized that increased public acceptance of conservation issues increases the chance that conservation issues are successfully implemented in the long run. Thus, it is investigated which conditions and processes influence the formation of acceptance in a positive or a negative way. For that, people who are directly affected by nature_conservation measures are interviewed using qualitative interview techniques. After transcription, the interview textes are analysed in a interpretative way. The results should allow to suggest strategies for improving the acceptance of nature conservation measures. The success of these suggestions will finally be checked as well.