The purpose of this study was to analyze the entrance and the access areas conditions and range of mobilities, such as home entrance space and access, of disabled and aged living at home in a cold and snowy region. We have studied 97 disabled people and 102 aged living at detached house in Hokkaido about the actual conditions of going out, approach design and snow removal from the access areas. Of the aged group, 70 percent are walking to the recreational facility which is near their home in winter every day. Shopping on their way home is considered one of the best enjoyments. On the other side, almost all of the disabled are going to a hospital and an institution for rehabilitation by car which is driven by nursing man once or twice for a week. They have little enjoyment for going out. There were houses which have over 1 0 meters long in an access. And also there were over I meter height of the first floor because of snow removal. Thus situations are harsh for them to go out. But it is good to escape much snow. In both groups, 90 percent were clearing snow for themselves or their family every day. However they pointed out as problems that it is hard work to clearing snow around the garage and an entrance area. Sometimes, they have not enough space for clearing snow. About 30 percent of all respondents were dissatisfied about snow clearing. On the other hand, we found design related factors in respect to snow removal. For instance a good design of a house appeared to be an exquisite combination of house and garage and a convenient roof for snow removal. Furthermore there were drains for the water and road heating. So people can be undamaged by the snow. In such circumstances it is easy to go out. For the two groups, hope of the installation of this type of support faculties is the highest for the future. If we think about disabled and aged in a cold and snowy region being able to go out easily, it is necessary that we take every factor, approach design, method of clearing snow, how to garage and the support machinery, into consideration.