This investigation was carried, out to test the hypothesis that people rate an outdoor environment with an intense feeling of enclosed space higher than an outdoor environment with a less intense feeling of enclosed. space, and. the hypothesis that evaluations are also influenced by type of environment. The out-door environments were represented. by perspective drawings. An expert panel of architects rated. feeling of enclosed. space by a seven step scale. Then 242 persons in a field. survey rated the environments with seven-step bipolar adjectives, developed by a semantic differential technique. A significant correlation between the intensity of feeling of enclosed space and. peoples evaluations could. only be demonstrated. for villa environments, while for suburban environments there was a weaker correlation in the direction of the hypothesis. For central town environments the evaluation went in the opposite direction, due possibly to the bias of the drawings used in the investigation. Character-istic of the evaluations is that villa environments are rated highest and. central town environments lowest.