"The author reviews the attitudes, dispararing and enthusiastic towards Psychology, Sociology and Design in opposition to Environmental Psychology. At the seine time he claims that only from a well understood environmental perspective one can understand with all its complexity the psychosocial problems. In order to demonstrate his thesis he focusses on the analysis of vandalism as an exempie. Vandalism, before anything else, is an aggression, a destruction of the environment. Very often it is described by Psychologists as an "unconscious" behaviour without meaning and motivation. Underlying this approach is the idea that in this approach vandalism constitutes a pathological and irrational behaviour and the performers are criminals. The point of view of the Sociologists underlines that vandalism is a social behaviour as more often than not, performed by a group rather than by individuals alone, and that it is a rebellion againts the institutions. The architectural point of view rests on the idea that environments that have been subject to vandalism are more "fragile" than the others. This may be true, but only partially true. If we take a fourth point of view -an environmental point of view- we discover a series of facts which the clinical, architectural and social approaches do not explain. "