"The aim of Alexander's Pattern Language is to generate high quality environmental spaces with specific design processes. From his research derives an increase in the perception capacity: we re-learn to observe the surrounding reality. Menorca, immersed in its insularity, offers a model on scale in which vernacular architecture assumes great significance. From the observation of those aspects that form its identification, we ratify a specific quality which is part of the vernacular reality. The superposition of the two suggested readings give place to confirming: - Pre-existance of a snared language in vernacular architecture. - P.L.'s inoperativeness as an "inverted process": it is not possible to reproduce an environmental quality from mere formalization of a language. - P.L.'s operativeness as an acquisition tool for observing the world around us in so far as its spatial formalization is concerned, but not taking in effectively the inherent dimension to temporality. We emphasize then the importance of OBSERVATION -taking into account not only environmental spatiallity category, but at daily temporality-, on the basis of the origin of the design."