"In the last two decades, the developments in transportation, communications and production technologies speeded up the internationalization process. Several changes have occurred in the international economy. "Finance has become less dependent on national regulatory systems. Changes in communications and information technologies have meant that financial and other information is available world-wide, day and night" (Newman and Thornley, 1996, p.9). As a result of the developments in transportation technologies, it became possible to overcome the most distant locations on the world within a few hours. The spatial results of this have appeared as the closer proximity of the important cities/centers on the world which had not been so for some 30-40 years ago (Urry, 1995). This was also supported by the developments in communication technologies connecting the distant locations on the globe via fiber optic cables, telephone lines, satellites, etc. The advanced communication technologies led to the spatial separation of production and control units from each other (Diren, 1993)."