"The research dealt with the representation or image that a group of university students has of the city. Without such a representation the movements and orientation typically accomplished on a day to day basis would be impossible. In this case the analisis is carried out in a small city (Ourense) with around 100,000 inhabitants. The sample comprises a group of 136 university students. The technique employed in this case to "extract" or externalize the urban image is the "sketch map", which can be classified as a pseudocartographical technique originating in the pioneering works of Lynch (1960) among others. Subjects are asked to sketch on a sheet of white paper all the elements of the city that occur to them, taking into account the limitations of space, in such a way as to reflect the image that they have of it, as if they were preparing a map which could be used by tourists to find their way around. Once the drawing is finished, subjects are asked to identify all the places they can."