"Artificial environment make up a dominant environment where human beings live in the widely extended world. The above environmental transformation within the industrial and consumerism path has created a future gap, a social injustice, the loss of community, the loss of place identity and the loss of spiritual dimension towards life. Globalization from the economy and human experience carry along environmental issues which is build at the new dimension where ethical perspective still plays a very a very important role. This is caused by the difference of race and environment, which was a product of what is called globalization. While since the ancient time man were born differently cultural as well as local circumstances, which cause human vary subject to the place they were born and brought up. The first parts as a human product from the environment are their "domicile" in various scale, starting from a house and plantation up to rural and urban, both of them being a "stripe" connecting those dwellings, as well as other elements transforming the world in to a "cultural landscape"."