"This paper presents the results of a research project (Projeto Fapesp Programa Ensino Público, processo 97/02563-8, "Melhoria do Conforto Ambiental em Edificações Escolares Estaduais de Campinas/SP") conducted in the city of Campinas, Brazil. Many international and local studies exist which have evaluated the learning environment with different goals in mind. This study was undertaken to analyze comfort conditions of schools and develop ideas and simple solutions to common problems. Many studies exist showing a relationship between the physical comfort conditions in schools and how they affect the learning capacity of students (GIFFORD, 1997 and YANNAS, 1995). Comfort conditions can affect attention span of students, speech comprehension and legibility of information presented. Spatial configuration and dimensions can inhibit the development of activities deemed to be positive for learning. All environmental conditions therefore play a role in the learning environment and should be optimized as to the quality of comfort they provide."