Together with the 19th century Industrial revolution, cities of today with their meanings in functional and physical terms emerged, becoming places of attraction in many sences, enlarged physicaly and formed the metropolitan cities in the course of urbanisation all over the world. Izmir in Turkey, exhibited similiar developments in the construction of the physical environment, in sociocultural and socio-economic contexts. Being located around the biggest natural gulf of Turkey in the coast of Eagean Sea, Izmir has been one of the most important export/import trade center of Turkey in a period when the economic relations with the Western countries increased. This third biggest city of a developing country, has been living a rapid urbanisation in the last 50 years, and as a metropolitan city, on the west coast of Turkey is subject to many urban issues. The role Izmir tries to get in Egean, and in the national and international arena, brings together some other pressures on the city.