In the field of environmental psycholgy, numerous are the researches focused on sensitive surroundings and the relations between objective measurements and subjective evaluation (Moch, Maramotti, 1995, Moch, Moser, 1997).They generally show how big is the gap between physical and chimical aspects of the word into we live in and his perception by the people. It is what been f found in the studies concerning crowdy (Moch, Hermand, Bordas, 1995), noise and vibrations ( Rozec1999, Maramotti, 1997) or olfactory environment (Moch, Bonnefoy, 1997).It was also shown in those studies concerning atmospheric pollution which have also emphasized the importance of individuals and contextuals factors (Cohen, Evans, Stokols, Krantz, 1996, Guermond, Demczuck, 1996, Zagury, Momas, Le Moullec, Festy, 1998, Dab, Roussel, 2001).