"Dipartimento di Psicologia dei Processi di Sviluppo e Socializzazione The aim of this contribution is to verify the factorial structure of two psychometric instruments tested in urban contexts, and composed respectively by a series of scales measuring the perceived quality of residential environment, and by a scale measuring neighbourhood attachment. The creation of tools for measuring lay people's perception of environmental urban qualities is particularly important if we consider the often divergent results obtained in comparing lay persons' "subjective" evaluations and experts' "objective" assessments of the environment (see Bonnes and Bonaiuto, 1995). The relationship that inhabitants have with their urban place of residence (at different levels of scale, such as home, neighbourhood and town) has been mainly examined by either specific assessments of the residential quality or global place-related patterns such as place attachment and other related constructs (such as place identity, rootedness, territoriality: see Tognoli, 1987; Giuliani, 2002)."