"The concept of Biosphere Reserves, as it was defined at the UNESCO-MAB Seville Conference (Unesco-Mab, 1995), provides specific tools for integrating conservation and development goals in the management of natural environments. BRs seem well suited for being applied also to highly populated contexts such as urban settlements. The institution of BRs in the proximity of large European South American cities has become more frequent in recent years. Thus what can be defined as an "Urban Biosphere Reserve Strategy" is progressively taking shape (Celecia, 2000; Douglas, 1996; Lasserre, 1997). As a first step for establishing a new Unesco-Mab Biosphere Reserve in the city of Rome, a specific research project was launched by the University of Rome "La Sapienza" with the financial support of the Rome Municipality, aimed at developing the scientific basis for establishing an "Observatory for Environmental Monitoring and Public Awareness". It involved the collaboration of different disciplinary areas: a social science research group and a natural ecology research group. The social psychological project was concerned with the study of perceptions of and behaviours toward different green areas of the city of Rome."