"The economic, political and demographic changes lived in the history of cities are explained by some basic concepts that are also determinant at the physical and spatial level. "Westernization" that took the European model as a basis and developed according to a geographical term and "Modernization" that becomes united with it as a concept define the processes of change that were effective in the 18th and 19th centuries (Batur, 1996). The meanings of both of the concepts are summarized as curiosity and interest for the "other". One other concept that took its place in the literature in parallel with the generalization of traditions and trends imported from Europe (Hobsbawm, 1983; Çelik, 1986) is "globalization". The use of this concept became widespread after 1980. The brief meaning of globalization is the world becoming a single, united Market. In other words, it is "becoming uniform" in the world (Sklair, 1996; Hacy•saliho•lu, 2000). At this point reached conceptually, it is understood that all the definitions in fact are significant and have priority in certain time spans. The paper aims an evaluating the effects of these concepts on the urban and spatial transformations for Turkey and the city of Istanbul."