"This paper is a follow-up of earlier conversations of the author with the late environmental psychologist Jonathan Sime (deceased Jan. 2001) who developed a personal and autobiographical sensibility for environmental perception and cognition. In this particular perspective mindscapes can be interpreted as actual or virtual landscapes of the mind. They consist in a wide range of values and meanings. "Mindscapes are related to memory,experience and imagination. They are a psychological resource. Mindscapes can also be identified in dreams, novels, time and space..." (J.S. Sept. 2000 ). In a previous paper dealing with "The Tree on the Path from the Wood to the Graveyard " J.S. was wondering "in what sense do people revisit places vicariously in the mind and / or in reality and why. (eg. aplace in which one is, would like to be, revisits to reconnect to the past and provide continuity with the present and possible future, seeks yet may not find" 1) . In 1985, J.S. was already commenting the nature of "Place Affiliation" 2). It seems that mindscapes can be viewed as a transactional model of people-environment relations."