"School environment is an especially sensitive part of the whole built environment, because of its multiple influence on developing individual's everyday life, in terms of biological, cognitive, psychological and social aspects. Its influence is connected with the quality of student's daily life, with remarkable consequences in his personal and social development, determining his values and future attitudes. In fact, the learning environment, both material and psychological, as an assimilation of the wider real world, is affecting student's intellectual and emotional evolution, fundamentally contributing to the teaching process success. So there is a big emphasis on the kind and the quality of school physical environment, from where students obtain their immediate experiences of learning, under the general meaning of the term. The Greek school building today, is designed and produced by the State's " School Building Organisation ", which has produced some standard types of school buildings, that are in use today, all over Greece. This centralizing type of school design related with the big number of changes, the educational system has been through, the last decade, leaded to a wide range of problems, such as qualitative and quantitative. Inadequacies and deficiencies of learning environment, negatively affecting the whole teaching and educational process today."