"Strategic stories of people-environment relations lie at the intersection between creativity and leadership in corporate and entertainment industry cases. These narratives examine tensions imbued in environmental attitudes, behaviors, and values of end users, clients, and designers that enhance corporate competitiveness. The narratives reported in this paper hinge on the integration and resolution of competing creative tensions. Leading corporate practices appears to maintain an openness to natural tensions inherent to creativity. By purposefully bringing unlike and diverse ideas and individuals together in a corporate setting, creative abrasion occurs, resulting in innovation (Leonard & Straus, 1999). The narratives reported in this paper are drawn from two studies: "Strategic Stories: Shaping Interior Design for the 21st Century," sponsored by the Foundation for Interior Design Education and Research and "Stories of Leadership by Design" sponsored by the Robert and Edna Shelley Gates Fund for Leadership through Design. The co-authors will present the data from the following design projects: DuPont Antron Resource Center in the Chicago Merchandise Mart, Boston Financial Headquarters, BrainStore Idea Factory in Biel, Switzerland and DreamWorks Animation campus in California."