Since 1986 New York City has been under pressure from the Environmental Protection Agency to initiate filtration of the City's water supply. Although the City has pursued opportunities to avoid filtration of water supplied from the Catskill-Delaware system, it has moved forward on plans to filter water from the smaller Croton system. Efforts to select a site for a filtration plant have aroused intense opposition from local communities. Activists from urban, low income and minority neighborhoods have joined forces with suburban citizen groups and environmental organizations concerned with New York City's water supply to advocate for alternatives to filtration. In 1997 the Croton Watershed Clean Water Council (CWCWC) was formed to bring together all of the organizations opposed to filtration to insure the sustainability of New York's water supply. The CWCWC currently includes over 45 organizations, ranging from national environmental organizations to ad-hoc neighborhood groups fighting local development projects.