Globalization in its own right, continues to distort the main discourse on how our new lives should be; even in strive of producing a globalize opposition platform which seemingly sounds good for all. This in general, turns out to be folding perversive, tending to seek solutions for well established, centuries' old practices of countries in the thresholds of modernistic deterioration defined-to-be with its mass production, working classes, wild technology, (uneven and unquestionable) exploitation of resources, cultural homogeneity, moral decline etc. Additionally, as is well known, having further phenomena and consequences on other parts of the world as cultural erosion, poverty, starvation, shelter problems etc. Purist environmental discourses when such circumstances are taken into consideration turn obsolete for masses in need of realistic solutions on concrete problems, for some who are even unaware of, and for most even illicitly opposing of. Such a case is the medium of environmental practice in post-war Turkey, especially after sixties.