"We are surrounded many kind of light. In his classic paper, Waldram explores the mechanism of interior lighting and in a flow chart defines three aspects of interior lighting: Adaptation, Revealing of Form and Texture, and Emphasis (1). In this diagram he considers three detail luminance patterns: texture pattern, shadow pattern and modeling pattern. Cuttle has subsequently extended the modeling concept and introduces a term "preferred appearance" related to the flow of light (2). I notice that the environment of light in the city night is very artificial at night. Especially, at shopping area, the light is so complicated. There are not only lights from street but also lights from show windows, cars, shops. Is light giving person's mood about atmosphere of that place any influences? Could the direction and the amount of the light be the factor of these influences? I decided to pick up Tenjin-district as a study area. Tenjin-district consists of many shops of clothes and restaurants, night clubs, jewelry shops and banks. Many people are walking at night. I think this district is one of the typical shopping area in a big city of Japan."