"Occurring at the turn of the century is an interesting juxtaposition: global technologies are being influenced by local techne. Rather than being solely based on technological advancements that are disconnected from the environment and culture, global technologies are gathering inspiration from technologies of local culture and the nature of the corresponding region. This local techne involves an awareness of optimizing natural processes in technological practices of the constructed environment. By intertwining technology with site, the form becomes an animated comprehension and communication of the specificities and diversity of place. In examining the word techne, the twentieth century philosopher, Heidegger, states, "techne signifies neither craft nor art...the word techne denotes rather a mode of knowing." In this way, technology becomes a mode to comprehend the site, as well as enhance the legibility of its essence.In looking to the Ancient Indian building practices of Vãstusãstra, a potential techne or process for ecological design can be deduced."