Realization of the right to live in a healty and balanced environment depends on everyone's having a shelter in which he can live his life in physical, social, economic and psychological well-being. The city should bring a wide variety of social facilities such as nurseries, hospitals, social service agencies etc. It also concentrates on employment opportunities which is one of its great attractions. More generally, the city represents choice of social relations, education, services and work. ( Commission of the European Communities, 1990) But because of land speculation , lack of financial resources of the municipalities to expropriate the land for basic services and political pressures, the master plan can not be implemented and depending on this, both planned and unplanned housing areas can not assure the physical,social ana psychological well-being. Whereas, economic, social and environmental issues of housing areas are taken into consideration; measures are taken to develop the capacity to sustain their productivity, improve the living conditions of the inhabitants and manage natural resources (such as agricultural land) in a sustainable way. Because improvement in housing and community facilities is not only valuable by itself but is also a means for raising standards of health, education and productivity as well as for eliminating the most glaring inequities.