"Architects, geographers and urban planners were the first to get involved with Environmental Psychology (EP) in Brazil. Translated books and isolated courses were the initiatives accomplished within the field during the 70's until mid 80's. The Brazilian bibliographic production that followed was limited and still expressed "intra-cluster" efforts (Pinheiro, 2001). From mid 90's throughout these days the area has been unfolding in "inter-clusters" activities, nonetheless not yet fully materialised in joint publications. Environmental psychologists, architects, geographers and other professionals engaged in the field have been meeting in national and international events, in which they have been more and more "interclusterly" oriented. The discipline and the field of study (Sommer, 2000) in Brazil have now reached a stage of development that recommends reflection and planning (Aragonés, 1994); people and institutions implicated need to know what they have/are, in order to better plan towards what they want. Therefore this study was planned to find out how Brazilian researchers perceive "environmental psychology"."