"What will be the needs of Austrian housing residents in the year 2020? Maybe answers can be found in reactions upon innovative housing projects like low-energy buildings, car-free housing estates, or costsaving DIY (do it yourself) projects. Focusing on these aspects, our research group made a survey with residents from five innovative Vienna residential buildings. The aim was to develop experience-based criteria, recommendations for action and suggestions to be used by public housing sponsors and building companies for the implementation of innovation-orientated housing. The starting point for this is a targeted and detailed analysis with quality criteria defined by the residents. While location factors such as urbaneness, public transport access and nearby recreation facilities, as well as criteria such as price, layout and daylight, are decisive purchase arguments for an apartment, the existence and quality of spacious living areas plays an important role after moving in. The project "Housing dreams" holds the view that, independent of individual preferences, top quality criteria exist in housing as essential conditions for widespread acceptance by residents."