This presentation will document governmental initiatives - including Empowerment Zones Districts - that are changing the urban layout of New York City. The development of urban areas to cater to the new urban labor required by the city's insertion in the global economy as the center that coordinate financial transactions is aided by the expansion of entertainment districts for the consumption of leisure in the form of culture and entertainment. As part of the globalization puzzle neighborhoods in the city - previously neglected - are the focus of this kind of development where private capital is attracted by governmental tax breaks and development of infrastructure. Tourism and the entertainment industry are both key industries in the development of the global city infrastructure, locally privileging consumption as a national attribute of recently annexed urban territories. This presentation will compare different areas in New York City that either exemplify development initiatives already in place as well as those of areas recently integrated into this development logic characteristic of the global city. The consumer citizen and urban public space as capital's privileged facade in the form of adveritisement displays will be counterpoised to vernacular manifestations of the global-local tension.