"Color and light are important elements of design and are used by divers professionals, such as educators, designers, scientists, artists, and psychologists. Among these different professions, the interaction between people and their environments or products is dramatically impacted by color. The use of color reveals problems that impact the views of people-environment research. This paper is a work in progress of an international collaboration involving the use of color and research. A review of the literature reveals several types of information available about color: trends, forecasting, anecdotal information, and color studies that may or may not be based on scientific research. In healthcare environments, color can play a role in healing according to Marberry in The Power of Color: Creating Healthy Interior Spaces, though she agrees that most of the research on color is out-of-date. "A Challenge for a Potential Global Color Research Agenda in 2000" was presented in Budapest, Hungary at the Seventh Congress of The International Colour Association (Association Internationale de la Couleur, AIC). The results showed that the existing color research is not applicable (30.6%), not appropriate (16.7%) or not available (13.9%)."