"Person-environment relations in old age on the level of the meso-environment of neighbourhoods can be regarded from the perspective of individual needs, reaching from basic housing needs to maintain autonomy to higher-order needs or comfort-oriented preferences (Carp & Carp, 1984). Alternatively one might focus on available options like amenities at home as well as in the neighbourhood, such as access to services, shops, public transport systems or to significant others. In this study an individual and transactional point of view is taken (Werner & Altman, 2000), to focus on the fit between environment-related needs and existing environmental conditions in different urban settings and for persons of different ages. Besides, from a broader perspective one might argue that the amount of fit or misfit between environmental needs and conditions is related to a "good" life in the community. Therefore, the impact of person-environment fit on outdoor place attachment, indicating community bonding, will be addressed."