This presentation will report on the use of the ASTM/ANSI Standards for Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability to prepare a profile of functional requirements for a major organization and its five main groups, a rating profile of the Serviceability of the building they are currently occupying, and to assess the fit between the profiles. The building is on a long term lease managed by the US General Services Administration GSA). GSA used the results from these profiles and comparison in deciding whether to buy the building or move out. ASTM/ANSI Standards for Whole Building Functionality and Serviceability provides the tools to capture actionable, customer defined needs, and match them to indicators of capability expressed as ranges of performance on different topics. The standards can also be used to compare the capabilities of several facilities, or the functional requirements of several groups. There is a lot to be learned from doing Building Evaluations. But to be useful, Building Evaluations need to be linked to Customer Functional Needs on one hand and Customer Satisfaction on the other, as part of a comprehensive system of measurements. Actionable, customer defined needs have to be captured and matched to indicators of capability.