"Home sweet home, the peace, the love, the shared values etc. are not the only criteria that makes a house home. Neighter are the additional confort and space requirements provided. Each baby grows up by stories and lullebies and dreams. The dreams of life, the dreams of love, the dreams of family and of course the dreams of a house to be considered home. The expectations and the dreams in making the interior and the exterior of a home makes it the "castle" of the owner. However it is the same desire that destroys the castles of the others while building ones own. What should be the role of an architect in providing this dream castle for his client. Who is to blame for the environmental and specially the visual pollution ? Is it the architect who satisfies every requirement of his/her client ignoring the responsibility towards his profession ? or is it the municipal and professional bodies and authorities who are reluctant in bringing measures ? or is it the neighbours and community in accepting or even admiring the situation ? or the educational system , or traditions and so on . The aim of the paper is to discuss the matters on visual pollution that grows along with the home building process which seriously treatens the built environment of North Cyprus."