Environment-Behavior Research data collection can involve tedious and time and labor intensive work - work that may be made easier or more effective with the support of computer and telecommunication systems. As just one example, behavioral mapping and tracking data involves hours of observation and recording, that requires keeping track of time, movement and behavior, and is typically followed by hours of data entry analysis and presentation. Hardware and software systems are available that can support this process and make the data collection faster and easier - and possibly more accurate - while reducing or eliminating data entry steps. New digital video technologies can also adi in e-b data collection, such as in creating time-lapse videos of events. This session will provide a forum where several available and working systems (including the results of data collected in research projects) will be presented. Data collection instruments as those mentioned above will be shown, as well as sophisticated software & audio/visual methods for studying wayfinding, and other procedures. The goal is to provide a forum for discussing available needs, technologies and solutions among the panel and interested attendees.