This study attempts to find out relevant planning methods for crime prevention in parks. In these days, parks in urban area have two aspects in Japan. Those are not only places of recreation and relaxation for citizen but also hotbeds of vices and crimes. On the other hand, it is not frequent to plan newly-made parks because of land shortage in urban area. Therefore, re-planning existing parks is also one of the significant steps for preventing crimes in parks. Parks in Suita City and Asahi word in Osaka City were surveyed regarding site planning and surroundings. Suita city and Asahi word, both are typical satellite areas of central Osaka city, which is second large city in Japan, and land use of both areas are similar to each other. Most of those are residential area and commercial area with little industrial area. There are eighty-six parks in Suita city and thirty-five in Asahi word which are classified into Block parks, Neighborhood parks, or District parks. In this study, Block parks represent parks, as the number of Block parks accounts for more than eighty percent of total numbers of parks in Suita city, and ninety percent in Asahi word.