"This session will address the question "Is Architecture a Discipline?" from the perspective of scholars of sociocultural factors in architecture. The way that architecture defines itself generates an intellectual, social and political structure that profoundly affects its practices. If a discipline is defined as a branch of knowledge and a field is defined as a realm of knowledge, work or opportunity, and a profession is defined as a vocation requiring advanced training what definition is appropriate and what difference would it make? What sources are implied for architecture's authority and legitimacy? What kind of relation is generated between what are now the sub-fields of architecture, or between academia and applied practice? How permeable would architecture be to other fields of knowledge? What is the effect on economic realities such as research funding or status within academia or society at large? What structural changes to the profession and academia are implied by a proposed definition? Are there implications for the functioning of the field relative to the outside world, for example, can the proposed definition forward the ability of the field to address such current issues such as internationalization, post-colonialism, ecology, and social and economic inequity?"