This paper will present the final results of a POE applied to a large-scale and high-tech office building (34 floors) named Plaza Centenário. It is located in São Paulo city and occupied by different users and businesses, most of them related to information technology. The first research phase was a pilot POE applied to four floors occupied by the headquarters of a manufacturer of domestic appliances. In this second research phase, an adapted questionnaire was administered to the largest possible sample of businesses in Plaza Centenário. Also, technical walkthroughs and specific measurements were conducted in environments identified by users and specialists as critical ones, in terms of layout, environment, comfort, safety, etc. This enlarged set of building performance data will make possible comparisons among differences in layouts, floors, businesses, gender perspectives, etc. We will develop final results for the building as a whole, in order to establish guidelines for the future, to be used in similar workplace designs in the social, economic, cultural and global context of mega-cities such as São Paulo.