The watershed area of oruh river in Yusufeli region with its untouched landscape values is one of the distinguished potential areas where recreational and nature tourism activities can be carried out. In the recent years due to the rising need for energy of our country, the usage of the area to obtain hydroelectric energy is being considered, as the area has rich water resources. According to the Master Plan, a total of 10 dams and hydoelectric santrals are proposed to be built, on the oruh River. However a Tourism master Plan has also been made for the area by Turkish Ministry of Tourism which defines the area as a zone to be protected in regards to its natural values and its high tourism potential. In 1993, The International IV. Whitewater Rafting World Championship has been done in the area. With this study it is aimed to provide the environmental balance between the sustainable socio-economic development, the use of natural values for energy production and the use of the area for tourism activities. Also it is aimed to find out the possible negative and positive results which will arise from such uses of the area.