The pollution ocouring at the environment effects the building health importantly just like it effects the human health. The damages at the reinforced concrete buildings, especially carbonation and corrosion, shortens the buildings' service lives as it damages the cities' esthetical appearance. Embedded steel in reinforced concrete members is protected from corrosion by alkaline composition of the concrete which is provided mainly by the dissolution in the pore water of the Ca(OH)2. However this positive property of the concrete may be lost in time due to carbonation of hydrated components of cement especially, Ca(OH)2 which is converted to CaCO3 with diffusion of CO2 from the environment into the concrete pore system during carbonation process. This phenomenon is accepted one of the main factors determining the service life of the reinforced concrete members. In order to prevent the damage at the building appearance, the negative effects of pollution should be considered. By this way, the damage of the city appearance can be prevented.