Old growth forests represents one of the most important and threatened habitats in North-east of Turkey. Such forests are of exceptional biodiversity and aesthetic value, as well as being important for erosion control, tourism etc. The mountains of North-east Turkey are among the most important for nature conservation in Turkey. A combination of varied geology, great altitudinal range and distinctive climate has resulted in a vegetation that is of exceptional importance to nature conservation. The fauna is also of outstanding importance. Large mammals, birds and reptiles are well represented. The aim of this study is to: -identify the approximative extent of old growth forests remaining on the northern flanks of the north-eastern Turkish Black Sea Mountains -identify, where possible, the level of loss of old growth forest cover -make recommendation for the conservation of the best remaining areas of old growth forest. It is clear that of the total forest cover over 913,000 hectares (excluding protected areas), only 108,571 hectares is of an age that can be regarded as old growth forest just 12% of the total forest.