"In the beginning of the new millennium some dialectic pairs are told to be exist in creating physical surroundings. these pairs, which can shortly be named as "globalisation/localisation", "international/national", "generalisation/specialisation", "flexibility/sustainability", are also the important movements to give a shape to self, social and place identities, besides city and urban identities. in addition to this, some basic features such as philosophy, culture, religion and aesthetics take part, in and over these holistic approaches. In this paper, the concept of aesthetics, which has complete, extensive and continuous meanings for years, will be mentioned as a fact, in taking a great role in sustainable development. moreover, the place of aesthetics in sustainable development will be put forward, and the importance of aesthetics in regaining the quality of life will be emphasised. the process of the existence of aesthetics in forming physical surroundings will be held in the view of "place identity" concept; so some slide samples will be used to put forward the requirement of aesthetics in forming identified and sustainable places."