"The concept of "sustainable development" is politically expedient since it attempts to make economic growth and ecological sustainability compatible. If "development" means the restructuring of the economic and not growth then there is no contradiction in the expression "sustainable development". It requiers a discussion of the relationships between poverty and environment. Ecological cities are about balance within human society as much they are about balance between humans and nature. Ecology is about the study of the relationships between all living things and the environment in which they live. Urban ecology studies the relationship between cities and natural systems and is based on the reality that cities are a part of-not separate from-the "natural" environment. In urban areas landscaping for energy efficiency is hardly a new idea. The earliest house builders used plants to modify the climate as well as for structural materials. The aim of this study is to discuss the contribution of plants according to energy efficiency landscape planning - especially in a view point of climate control - in urban ecology."