This paper is mainly based on the results from a survey on dwelling habits and values in new flats. The survey is an integral part of a research project with the object to discuss expert knowledge on housing design represented by a method to evaluate design qualities. We call it the expert method. The criteria of the expert method are essentially based on the former building code as well as on rather well established expert values and knowledge about dwelling habits and housing design. The expert values, however, may be changing, and they are all the same questioned in the name of new housing ideologies. As a starting point for the discussion we have made an up to date description of changes in dwelling habits and values. What is the effect of decreasing household sizes, new furniture and other objects that are used or at least stored in the dwelling, changed eating habits and forms of social activities, expanding paid work at home? Variety is the key word in the mental change of housing policy today. In what respects would a greater variety be usefUl when it comes to housing design?