"In this paper the concept of appropriation of space is subjected to a preliminary theoretical analysis by first attempting to order the various meanings provided by the canvenera of this Conference. In a second section of the paper) the analysis seeks to extend and further clarify the concept by taking flute of the fact that it is a process that extends over time involving particular places; must be considered both generally and specifically in relation to the different levels of human organization, e.g. individual, group, social organization; and must he conceived of in tents of an evaluative dimen sion, that is, whether one appropriates or "misappropriates" space in the sense of failing to achieve ones ohjeetiva in the organization of space. Considerable attention is given to the individual level of analysis in understanding tile-appropriation of space. with special note taken, the person's conscious aware ness or the lack of it in the process; the significance of the individual intro jeeting the properties of space as well as expressing himself in it; and finally by stressing the importance of certain broad types of personality dif ferences for understanding space appropriation. In a final section of the paper a strategy for research in the appropriation of space is presented in general terms with the view taken that it must be focused an yell-defined end well-studied specific sociocuitural groups living in particular physical settings."