"Space, just as time, can be considered either as a frame of reference (the address, the coordinates system) or as a usable quantity, necessary to the process of living. Appropriation of sense means primarily, rother than lerul property-or rent:np-the Lendensy of the individual to exert control over a portion of the world by his very presence, whether actual or vicarious. Two nays of living is space are basic: (a) vanded up, which ashes that the individual erseives space in rnlationship with the Place he is now and anchoring taking roots: identifying oneself and one's space e:ith a artisulor place of the :ovid. These two extremes ways of living alternate, but one of them is always dominant: ep. "taking roots", fixing one's home as the geometric ounter of a series of fixed poal or focuses of interest, which develop the world around this rcotinp oint a rhilosochy f centrality, the point being a definite place of roturn from any cyclical excursion. This latter is in fast the tacit ideology underliying the Eastern civilization."