"The study attempts to demonstrate the Location Tear. technique and to apply it to the way a sample of pupils experience their secondary school. The students were divided into two groups of 17 and 18 subjects. The study in volved 2 sessions of 4 hours each. In the first session the subjects went through individual "Location Tests". The test provides the subject with means of dividing the spatial zone of an in stitution, in our case a school, and creating an internal spatial system through division, location, and direction. The resulting spatial systems are discussed in an attempt to define re-occurring relations and patterns both for the systems as wholes and for specific parameters: concepts of apace division, use of centre, distribution of internal places in the school's space zone, etc. The paper describes the "Location Test" technique and the information generated in the study on the way the apace division of the school is construed, by the given sample. The data is analysed in two ways: 1. a detailed interpretation of the tests of two individual pupils; 2. an interpretation of the spatial parameters and systems generated in the 34 tests."